Monday, August 14, 2006

The Exotic Carribean.....

"Ahoy there!"

Here's a little file I created a while back-- a twisted spin on the famous Pirates ride that spawned a couple'a movies... I suppose I'd call this a 'parody'-- as well as a tribute to that nutty aforementioned ride, using the music of the Exotica Masters Denny & Baxter.

If anybody gets their feathers ruffled, I'd like to point out that haven't used the full songs, only low quality, edited versions of them-- any other 'Pirate' audio is from sources which are not currently available for sale.. so NO, I am NOT competing with anything you can buy on Amazon!!

In fact, if you enjoy this music, I urge you to respond by purchasing the 'Mondo Exotica' album from the Ultra-Lounge series, or any of the Les Baxter & Martin Denny classic album reissues on cd, which may be available at your local cd store or Plus, this file may serve as advertising & encourage people to see the Pirates film, still in theatres. You're welcome, Mr Mouse.

And remember.... Dead guys sing no high-notes, Baby...


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