Monday, October 20, 2008

Winchell's Donuts....

This one's been shared several times; at least once at the Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing Blaaaaaghhhh: the Winchell's Donut House Halloween Record.

I owned a copy of this record in 1976, when I was a kid-- though I haven't seen it literally in decades. It's cute... creepy enough to stir the Halloween gland, with a mild bit of safety advice for the kiddies before going out trick-or-treating.

This is one of those things that make me wonder what's happened to the Holiday I loved as a kid. I mean, nearly everybody was on the same page in those days.. here's a recent story for a California location of Winchell's, planning to set aside Halloween to give out treats to the kids-- only in MY day... the idea of a store planning to give out treats on Halloween wasn't considered news, it was a typical holiday occurrence!! Kudos to Winchell's for keeping up the tradition!!

Sadly... there isn't even a Winchell's Donut House within 3 states of me these days, so I cannot show my suppport by bringin' the kids by on OcT 31-- but I'll be there in spirit! I'll do something donut-related... maybe I'll go to a Krispy Kreme!

But I Digress....

This cute little record has some great features, as Halloween records go: Humor, a well-executed spooky story, and great spine-chilling sound effects.... The effects, in fact, are good enough to stand alone as isolated sfx-tracks. So, I pulled out the ol' audio editor, and chopped it to bits.


1. The full album
2. The scary story, isolated
3. The sound-effects sequence
"It looks like a pumpkin pie... with clothes on"
5. A deep ghost moan (yeah, yeah, same one from my 'essential scary sounds' entry. I know)
6. "Watch out for ghosts." (see above)
7. Pumpkin laugh turns to Witch Laugh
8. Bats
9. Witch laugh, isolated

10. Owl
11. Wind

All are taken from the original album, just edited & isolated for easy use...
Click Here for the Winchell's Donut House Halloween Record

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Blogger Mark Harvey said...

I've been appreciating your blog during the Halloween season and instead of continuing my lurking status thought I would say thank you.

Season's Creepings!

Mark Harvey

12:45 PM  
Blogger Lizzie said...

Thanks for the post. I'm trying to track down the "Tales of the Frightened" *with* Boris, I see you have a mix w/o him. Any chance you have it or know where I could get it?

2:58 PM  
Blogger Bubbashelby said...

Great stuff this Halloween season! Thanks for posting it all!

1:16 PM  
Blogger Avelina said...

Thank you for sharing! You brought great memories with that Winchell's record, and you are right, Halloween is not what it use to be!

Avelina, Los Angeles, CA

9:55 PM  
Blogger Jon and Nicole Guerra said...

Awesome man, I've been looking everywhere for this :)

9:06 AM  

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