Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Shock!!!!

Here's a little treat, to go hand-in-hand with yesterday's entry. Remember yesterday?

I do.. vaguely... Creed Tayor's "Shock"; is a kool album of swingin' cocktail jazz, mixed with spooky, suspenseful sound effects....
...But I know what yer thinkin'.. "Harvey, what if I'm not in the mood for a Halloween cocktail, and I prefer my spooky, suspenseful sound effects straight, no chaser?"

Can do!

Here's a zipful of isolated sound effects, carefully taken from the Shock tracks, for your various Halloween purposes... I love the old-fashioned sounds best.. these have all the great retro feel of an old-timey sound-effects record. Word of warning: I didn't really go out of my way to "clean up" a lot of the noise these inherited from the source-- so they are as they are, a bit noisy but no less lovable. Hope you likee!

Click for the Shock Isolated SFX

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