Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hornbook: The "After Midnight" Edition

So... I'm listening with glee, to one of horror's great elder statemen-- the late Vincent Price, chill my bones & occasionaly throw in a laugh or a grim smile. Happily 'grooving' to the many mp3's I now own, of Vincent Price's Caedmon spoken-word albums.. courtesy of Jason's blog, Scar Stuff:
A Hornbook For Witches,
Tales of Witches, Ghosts, and Goblins,
A Coven Of Witches Tales,
A Graveyard Of Ghost Tales

As I enjoyed the sometimes humorous, sometimes creepy-- mostly creepy-- storytelling of horror legend Vincent Price, a thought occured to me. "These stories might be even cooler, with some background music; the whole treatment, like Boris Karloff's 'Tales of the Frightened'!! "

Thus the idea was born.

Thus, I've spent my free time like Igor in the graveyard, scrounging up retro-ish moody music & the occasional sound-effect from numerous sources--I'd prefer a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy on the music, thankee... even though it's all 'out of print' music from various sharity blogs----

(You should KNOW my sharity philosophy: Don't share albums currently for sale! BUT... If it's NOT for sale- indeed, if an old album has NEVER been released on cd, then nobody's getting cheated by sharing mp3's that were recorded from 20-year-old vinyl. If it's not been released on a cd, or a cassette, IN the last 25 to 30 years(?!?!!?!) ..... well, that's because the owners don't believe there's a market for it. The money I'd be spending on unreleased Les Baxter, Russ Garcia, Kenyon Hopkins, , etc, is chump-change to their respective labels & owners; otherwise, they'd BE selling it as cds!)

10/28/06 - The links below have been updated-- if ya missed it previously, here's your last chance before the big H-day!

A Hornbook for Witches: The 'After Midnight' Edition
Part 1
Part 2

Despite the title, I haven't included all of the tracks from the 'hornbook' album. That one just has the neatest title! What I did was pick a cd's worth of my faves of about 4 different albums--(and I only hope the engmatic Jason, whom I've never met, doesn't get sick of me 'piggybacking' off of his blog!)-- put them to music, put them together in (I hope) a coherent, thematic track-order... and here they are! Just in time for YOU, to play it at your next swingin' Halloween Horror Party!!

"They swore they couldn't and wouldn't die!
Books say they did.. but they lie! They LIE!"



Blogger Jonathan said...

please Please PLEASE ! Repost these !!!! 2007 needs You !

9:53 PM  
Blogger HarveyMidnight said...

Done and done... check my most recent blog entry!

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