Monday, October 16, 2006

"You're gonna be his chewing gum!"

The Demon.

It's a Rollercoaster. Famous one... Never rode it myself.

There were two of them, apparently.. one in Gurnbee, IL & one in Santa Clara, CA... Originally they were called 'Turn of the Century' but in 1979, they were retooled and re-christened "The Demon" in 1980.

I have a friend, goes by the online name of "NightmareTony". Plug for Tony: He works on a Haunted House attraction called the Nightmare Park. Check it out... He shared with me, a 25 minute track of the soundtrack to The Demon-- not sounds from the ride, but a soundtrack that played while riders waited in line.

The thing is absolutely hilarious... laugh-out-loud-funny & nostalgic. Here's a little info from the Wikipedia, about the track:

"When the Demon first opened in 1980
, the speakers placed thruought the ride's queue played the Demon's own soundtrack. The soundtrack included the infamous "Demon Song", which was specially written for Marriott's Great America and was also very memorable. Along with the song there were fake radio broadcasts, some about people who reported to have seen the demon, some reports about the Army bombing the ride and a few with people trying to lure the demon out of the ride."

The description above does leave out, that the whole thing is played up for big laughs --it's not done seriously at all. The Demon is just a horrible ride, eating the passengers... There's hilarious quotable sillines all thru it:

"You're gonna be his chewing gum!"
"That was a live broadcast from the Demon. Well, it was a live brodcast... had some 'dead air' at the last..."

Anyway... I did a little 'tweaking' -- broke it up into four tracks-- mainly because the 'themesong' plays twice-- I fixed the stereo separation a little more to my liking & also fixed a couple of odd tape errors at the beginning, and here it is, for your Halloween consumption:

The Demon... The Demon... the Demon... The Demon... The DEMON!!


Blogger Steven Altis said...

Now that was unbelievably awesome!!

The Demon theme song was a little bit "Love Boat" theme song and a little bit Disco Inferno- it just needs to be on the playlist at every Halloween party this year!

9:59 PM  
Blogger Chris S. said...

Been poking around the blog, hope you still can update things, as the file link is dead and I'd love to hear this. I vaguely remember riding taht thing but I don't remember a soundtrack, so this ought to be good.

6:20 AM  

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