Saturday, November 17, 2007

A few Nuggets for Christmas

Of course, I've been playing all my Christmas albums since Nov 1.

Oh, I can recall the days when it used to annoy me, that the stores would start putting up Christmas decorations so darn early...

I don't seem to mind as much these days. Hmm.. maybe it's because they do the same to Halloween now.. the skulls & webs came up in the stores in late August this year, and I totally love that! I guess it was enough to allay my fears that Santa was gonna pull a Pac-man & swallow up the end of October, too, leaving no room for MY day! But if Halloween can become an overfed attention-grabber that keeps me smilin' for two whole months, I guess I can forgive The Man With the Bag for coming up with the idea-- so long as he knows he's just the closer on the Hallowe... er, excuse me, the Holiday Season.

Anyway.. I'm doin' what I do, the virtual legwork of putting together some audio files that you otherwise might not have gotten to hear. Or, perhaps, ever wanted to. Submitted for your approval: A few nuggets, for Christmas-- Just a meager contribution... a coupla files that might brighten up your next Christmas "comp" cd. I grabbed a couple of these from 'Dave's Mostly Ghostly Music Sharing' Pop over to his site for some Charlie Brown Christmas Special magic... Thanks Dave!


Those Kissin' Bells (Or has this just gotten too annoying?)
Linus's Christmas Monologue/ Hark The Herald Angels Sing
"Can You Play Jingle bells"?
Dancin' to Shroeder's (Vince's) Piano

...aaaaaaand, dance by the light of the moooooon.

Notice the above 'Dancin' to Shroeder's Piano'. Turns out I read somewhere, on that Charlie Brown Christmas-- the LP version of the special-- the scene where Snoopy dances on the piano was left off, sicne it was a mostly visual gag. So, I created that file just make a point: it's not that hard to add just a couple of sound effects, and create a somewhat 'visual' effect with them. Not very Christmas-ey file, that one, but I included it.

A very early Merry Christmas, everybody!


Blogger Dave said...

I'm working my way up to Christmas Music listening myself. I'm coming to the conclusion though that I don't have much of it laying around or on my PC like I do for Halloween. So I'm trying to dig some up. I just found a couple of old cassettes I had made from my Dad's LPs...Jack Jones, Roger Whitaker, Mannheim Steamroller, Lawrence Welk, Johnny Cash, and about 6 hours of Assorted Artists LPs. I'm finding it hard to get into the spirit after that month long doseage of


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