Sunday, October 29, 2006

My 'Criswell' Impression... so bad it's scary!

My Final Project For Halloween, 2006.

And here it is, my friends, for your free consumption-- in the future. My mish-mash of dozns of old & out of print Halloween albums, all combined, fused... along with my bad, bad impression of Criswell.

Once again, big hats off to Jason at scarstuff-- the music & sound effects I used on this, were mostyl taken from his treasure-trove of out-of-print Halloween albums... Except for some of the music from the Plan 9 film. I tossed in sooo many kooky tributes here... So many obscure references-- even the Beatles at one point. The Beatles?!!? Why, why, WHY!?!?!??!

I tried my best to tread a very thin line... I wanted this audio-file to be just goofy enough, to make it campy.. but still pretty scary & Halloween-ish as well. I think I pulled it off.

And, yes.... that IS my own voice... providing the narration! Since I was a bit 'iffy' on how 'great' it actually is, I have offered 2 files here in mp3 format-- one with & one without the ghostly narrator.

I put a lot of work into this.. hope you enjoy it.

The Mansion That Is Haunted

Listen to it, and then add the phrase 'in the future' to the end of every fortune cookie you open, in memory of The Amazing Criswell.



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