Friday, March 28, 2008

Halloween Weekend... sorta...

Yessiree.... It's that time.

I dunno, it kinda snuck up on me, to be honest. I was hoping to have something more fabulous, than just these mere files. Actually, two of them are several years old, and I've only just got around to sharing them.

At least one took a great deal of effort & time, and I think you'll like it. Not sure there's any other version of this particular ridethro.... er, fantasy file...

Dark Shadows, the Exotic remix
Collinwood, the Hip-Hop Remix

The Temptation of Leota

Last, but certainly not least...

?????? Mystery Zipped MP3 ??????

Hope you likeee... as usual, I never share anything, unless it:

1. Isn't currently available for sale (in the form I offer it)
2. Has been edited, 'improved' & remixed by yours truly
3. Could technically be deemed a 'parody'...

Now get to work on those Halloween Mix cd's -- you only got like 7 months or so left!


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