Saturday, May 03, 2008

Witch's Night Out

Have to put this on my site. This forgotten, under appreciated toon is just too sweet. Sure wish I could get my hands on a decent quality DVD of this... but I haven't seen it aired on television in years.

Oh well. Until it does show up... enjoy.

Update! I ripped the themesong directly from the video.. Here's an mp3 of it -- composed & performed by Peter Rochon of the band 'Saga'. Like the video, this copy is pretty low quality & sounds like crap, but add it to your Halloween mix, anyway! You may just spark somebody's long-lost childhood memory...


Blogger Dave said...

That's the key word. Finding a decent copy. I've seen a couple dvd-r's for sale on ebay, and you can tell just from their screen shot that the quality sucks. I'd like to see oa good dvd copy of it as well.

12:27 PM  
Blogger toxChill said...

Hey Harvey,

Could you please put this video up again? I'm dying to watch it before Halloween :(

7:32 AM  

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