Saturday, April 05, 2008

Re-Entry Of The Sonik

Are You STILL One Of The Frightened?

I cannot tell ya the joy I felt, some years ago... when I was listening to an out of print album,... a share I'd gotten hold of, of the album 'Electronic Music' by the Elektrosonics, and realized why it sounded so familiar.

It was none other than the backing music for Tales Of The Frightened; narrated by Boris Karloff

In fact, I don't have to tell ya... here's the original blog entry where I previously mentioned it! I just noticed, my own share of the re-edited 'Tales Of The Frightened' soundtrack is still available at the old 'R-share', grab it while ya can.

So why am I bringing this up now?

Simple. I've just happened upon this blog entry at a blog called "Mutant Sounds"; guess what? Has the follow-up album by Tom Dissevelt-- original Elektrosonic founder, I suppose... called "Fantasy In Orbit".

..and let me tell ya, a lot of these songs are very similar in style, and very reminiscent of the 'second Moon' -- so much so I don't hesitate to recommend it. Thanks to Mutant Sounds for finding this for us all!


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