Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, Maybe not

Okay... maybe not the ONLY file. I ewas playing some lounge music, and laughingly picking out a few songs here & there that might be funny to play as a Halloween podcast.

Didn't really find enough songs to do an actual podcast, or anything... But I did get to thinkin' that after my 'Pirates of the Exotic Caribbean', and finally realizing the complete 'Exotic Haunted Mansion'... see last blog posting below...

...that I never have made an 'Exotic Sounds To Make You Shiver'!

I mean, 'Sounds To Make You Shiver' is still my favorite Halloween record of all time... (grab it now at WonderfulWonderblog) and surely it deserves the same mocking-praise that I've heaped on others. OF course I did the 'Sounds and Music To Make You Shiver' for last Halloween -- but that was done (mostly) seriously, with scary music in the background.

Well, this one isn't! Click here for: "Swingin' Sounds To Make You Shiver"

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