Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Demon, again....

No, I've never ridden it.

To be honest, I'm not a roller-coaster kind of guy. This one, however, seems to be right up my alley.

The Demon.

Located at Six Flags, Great America.. which, I gather, is in California?? There's apparently a frightening tunnel of flashing lights you pass thru... well as a stone face with a gaping mouth, that swallows the coaster whole!!

Anyway... as I said, I'm not much of a roller-coaster rider. It's been since I was in high school, last time I rode one...the 'mindbender' --- I won't tell you how long ago that was. But this one, THE DEMON, seems to have an amazing bit of character, of personality.

...But the aspect of its personality that I love most about The Demon is -- of course-- that there's some great AUDIO to be heard!!! It's got a theme song! There's a long comedic routine that plays for the people in line, designed to heighten the sense of excitement as you wait to board!

Here's a little info, courtesy of the Wikipedia:
"...When the Demon first opened in 1980 the speakers placed throughout the ride's queue played the Demon's own soundtrack. The soundtrack included the infamous "Demon Song", which was specially written for Marriott's Great America and was also very memorable. Along with the song there were fake radio broadcasts, some about people who reported to have seen the demon, 1 report about a US Army captain named "Bucky McMacho" bombing the ride, and a few with people trying to lure the demon out of the ride in very strange ways..."

Yeah... like good ol' 'Ermal-Doug'-- just call him Ermal-Doug- -the champion hog-caller who tries to call out the Demon with his famous hog-call! There's also a significant amount of somebody doing a decent Boris Karloff impression throughout the speil.

Of course, thru the generosity of a friend & fellow 'Freaker' -- (i.e. fan of Freakylinks I know from the Haxan boards)-- I obtained a copy of the whole shebang-- the line speil, with the fun themesong repeated twice.

I shared these files once before... but listening to them more recently, I'm a little let down by some of the editing choices I made-- I broke it into 4 parts, and it was a chop-job... also, I think the music overblew the comedy routines a little, making it hard to listen to. So, I've done a little cosmetic surgery on the tracks & I think they are a little better for the effort. Here they are again:


4 tracks in a Winzip file, I believe they are at a very deceptive 192 kbps-- deceptive, seeing as that it was likely a second or third generation copy that started out at something like 65 kbps maybe? This copy may be at 192, but it doesn't sound like it.

Anyway.... Hope ya likee; grab it while you can!

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