Friday, October 03, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Why 'Trick Or Treat'?

I read this article: "Why Bother To Save Halloween" about Halloween & Trick-or-treating several years ago, and I couldn't agree more with it.
"What is Halloween anyway? It's just an excuse for big kids to make trouble, little kids to eat too much candy, and candy companies to peddle their wares. Bah, goblin-bug! Or so I thought until, despite all the warnings, I took my three children out last Halloween...."

Definite words of wisdom. Breaks my heart to take my kids around, only to have fewer & fewer houses each year participating in the vanishing holiday of Halloween.

No, Halloween isn't Satanic, it doesn't encourage kids to become pagans, serial-killers... lawyers... I happen to think it's open mockery of imaginary things our superstitious forbears once feared.
Plus, it's a LOT of fun!

I encourage all you kids, parents, teens, slightly creepy young adults.. get out there & Trick or Treat on October 31! Or else, get some candy & offer it up to others who do.
Click: Trick Or Treat, Trick Or Treat....

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