Wednesday, October 01, 2008

CD Creepies

Welcome to day 1 of the countdown, October first... my second entry. Whhoops... Is this day 2? It's October First! I'm so confused!


There are actually 4 types of Halloween CD's:

1. Sound Effects

This type of cd could have 50 or more tracks, each track a single isolated sound-effect.

2. Spooky Music
These vary in quality... Most of the ones you see these days, are bad-quality re-recorded cover versions on a cheap synthesizer, of songs that were done much better on some other cd.

3. Halloween Atmosphere
These are the type that are usually one long track, or two, or else 6 or 7 tracks that are several minutes long-- a long sequence of sound effects that are linked together to create a specific mood. I.e there might be one track that is all swamp sounds, or outdoor sounds & digging to create a graveyard sequence. They tend to vary in quality-- the worst of them have about 10 minutes of a sequence, repeated 6 times in the same track.

4. Stories.
These fall into the heading of 'spoken word'; actual ghost stories, spoken aloud.. sometimes with music, other times not.

When you find a really, really good one at a bargain price, that's pretty cool... But hey, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs.

Here's one of my faves... just for utilitarian reasons, it's a useful one. 192 kbps.

Click to download: CD C

This cd appears to be out of print-- it's at least 10 years old, too. It's a mixed-type cd: the first few tracks are instrumental 'creepy' music selections ('Sinister Street' is the best of them), then there are some pretty solid sound effects-- then it ends with a 'monster story'. Personally, I could do without the 'monster story'.

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Blogger Albio said...

Can you upload again this cd.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:16 PM  
Blogger Adam C Sager said...

Hello, Harvey!

I'm hoping you can tell me a bit more about this CD. Did it come with an insert, booklet, or anything that might offer information as to the origins of the musical tracks on the disc?

I'd be very interested in learning more about it. Could you possibly email me at

It'd mean a lot to me.


10:18 PM  

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