Thursday, October 02, 2008

Spooky Sounds

Wow, after those 4 types of Halloween CD's... I got one here that seems to break the code!

Spooky Sounds

I bought this cd a year before I bought Cd Creepies... blister-packed, no cd jewel-case. It's about 11 years old. Also out of print, far as I can tell. Sadly, most of the sounds on this one are the same sounds as my entry for yesterday. However-- Spooky Sounds has one advantage over Cd Creepies, which makes it unique & different.

Track # 1 "Music To Scare You By" -- most of this music also appears on the CD Creepies cd.. BUT, in this case a clever producer has mixed the music together, along with sound effects, to give you a full 23 minutes of dramatic, cinematic effects!! And it's a pretty good edit, too! This track is just a little more unique than the typical 'tour thru the haunted house' ambience track.

This cd and yesterday's are like two sides of the same spooky coin.

Click here to download Spooky Sounds! @ 192 kbps

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Can you upload this cd again.

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