Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hold On Just a Gosh Darn Second....

The Big Ol' Eye.....

Well, if there's gonna be any topic I want to write about ad nauseum... it's gonna be freakylinks.

Not the Fox tv show, per se--, the accompanying fictional website.

It's no longer active, & certainly not at THAT web address!! (I believe it was a porn site, last I heard... so watch it, kiddies!!!)

Freakylinks debuted on Fox TV in the Fall of 2000--- the spring & summer before that, I discovered a kooky website full of strange & oddly humorous paranormal tales.

The Glowing Kittens of Los Alamos
Rock & Rolling Hoop-Snake of Doom
Waiter, There's A Demon In My Soup...

See, the creators of the show had a grand time, pretending that 'Derek' the star of the show was a real person with a real paranormal website-- and a lot of us 'freakers' had loads of fun pretending right along with 'em.

You can still read the site, archived in all its glory at the Haxan films site.

Freakylinks Lives!!

Here are some nice words published about the ol FL-dot-com, by its various & sundry creators:

Come pop by the Haxan messageboard if ya wanna discuss Freakylinks, The Blair Witch, or any of Haxan's newer projects in the works...

The Haxan Messageboard

I'm better known over there as 'SpaceMonkey'

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I Me Mine....

Well, well-- I have a blog now.

Not sure what I even want to do with it-- if anything. I mainly wanted to post a comment at a site that wouldn't let me do so anonymously...

Until I decide what or if, here are some links:

Hurdy Gur!