Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hornbook After Midnight

Hey again... Got a few requests for this one, so I am re-upping it.

As I said in the previous blog entry:

"Despite the title, I haven't included all of the tracks from the 'hornbook' album. That one just has the neatest title! What I did was pick a cd's worth of my faves of about 4 different albums--(and I only hope the engmatic Jason, whom I've never met, doesn't get sick of me 'piggybacking' off of his blog!)-- put them to music, put them together in (I hope) a coherent, thematic track-order... and here they are! Just in time for YOU, to play it at your next swingin' Halloween Horror Party!!"

And after a year of listening to it--I've noticed a fault or three, here & there that drive me nuts.. so I do want to include a disclaimer: This is, in fact, an amateur project, so don't be TOO annoyed with the fact that the music for 'Lavender Evening Dress' switches on & off at odd times, or that I should never have tried to use noise reduction on 'All Saint's Eve'...

Anyway, I still enjoy hearing this collection, even though I was clearly a novice in the world of audio-editing. Hope you enjoy it, too.

A Hornbook For Witches: The 'After Midnight' Edition

Update! 10/13 : ...And here's the fixed version of All Saint's Eve

Monday, September 03, 2007

Is this the real deal?

Heya.. I'm still here. Sorry for the long silence. I may post something in the next month or so.. definitely I'll have something cooked up by October.

In the meantime...

Sounds to make You Shiver.. Halloween fave album of all time.

Is this the real deal?